What do I look for in choosing a good location?

It is important to think about the daylight and sunrise/sunset timing for the date of your shoot. Shooting in more open, airy locations will create the light and bright look you’re going for. We don’t want to be in direct sunlight that cast harsh shadows, so it’s important to either work in shade or in closer to the sunset when the light cast a nice and glowy effect.

How important is Makeup?

Looking like your best self is always the goal for these portrait sessions. Several of my past clients have shared that getting their makeup done professionally is a game-changer for their confidence in front of the camera, and results in looking put together and polished in the final images. This is by no means necessary, just a tip my past clients have shared that has them feeling more prepared for the shoot!


What’s the best time of day to schedule a shoot?

Timing is everything! During the summer months, I encourage these shoots to be scheduled as close to the sun setting or rising as possible. The best lighting comes within an hour of each, and gives that dreamy, glowy appearance that I love so much. If your session is in the winter or on a gloomy day, timing is not as important. The clouds provide a natural diffused light that captures really well on camera, so not to worry! If you want to pick a location more remote or hard to get to, it’s important to think backwards and factor in the travel time. I’m always up for a drive to the beach or hike up the mountain, so let’s plan accordingly!

What should I wear for my portrait?

Think timeless! You want to be happy with these photos for years to come, so wardrobe should reflect a classic and timeless look. Neutral colors photograph well that aren’t too busy in print or pattern. And most importantly, it should reflect your personality and style.


I will happily answer any questions,

just ask!

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