How important is a First Look?

Having a First Look is certainly becoming the more popular choice for my clients as the benefits to having a First Look prior to the ceremony are quite extensive. The main reason clients choose this route is to complete all necessary photos before the fun gets underway. Being able to take care of not only the couples’ photos, but the bridal party and family photos as well, allows them to enjoy the events as they unfold and experience everything along with their guests. Clients also express gratitude for having a private moment with their partner to calm nerves and feel prepared for the events ahead.

What if I prefer the traditional way?

A Traditional Look saves the big reveal for the aisle and is shared in front of all guests. Most bridal party and separate photos can still be handled prior to the ceremony, but the couples’ photos, full bridal party and all family photos will take place during the cocktail hour at a nearby location. With timing being quite tight, it is important that each person requested in the family photos is made aware prior and prepared to step aside for about 20 minutes to keep things moving smoothly.

I have no idea how to pose!

I know first-hand that being in front of the camera is awkward! Most of us aren’t comfortable with this experience, and it’s my job to pose you and provide direction on interactions and such. My goal is to create environments that make you feel the most natural and comfortable; that’s what will lead to images that you’ll be happy with for years to come. I promise as the day goes on, you’ll feel less and less aware of your vulnerability and just go with the flow! Engagement photos are always a good way to practice, as well!


What’s this I hear about a Golden Hour?

Golden Hour is a favorite of mine! I try to schedule time in at every wedding to step away for 10 to 15 minutes and catch that dreamy, glowy light as the sun sets. This happens about 1 hour prior to sunset and can be timed either during the dinner service while most guests are preoccupied, or just after the toasts take place. No matter the timing, I encourage all of my couples to prioritize this moment as it ends up being everyone’s favorite capture of the day. It’s a great chance to step away from the party, breathe, and reflect on the excitement that has been wrapped up in the whole day.

Do you recommend we hire a wedding planner?

I can’t recommend a wedding planner enough! Having a wedding planner or coordinator is a GAME CHANGER. There’s no reason a family member or close friend should give up their ability to enjoy the day celebrating your love. Having a planner keeps the day running smoothly, ensures all vendors have what they need in advance, and removes day-of worries that you don’t need to be concerned with.

What are some other things to think about?

In order to capture the whole story, I love to photograph all elements that made your day special. That includes the invitations, save the date’s, perfume, you name it. I can grab these items from you ahead of time or work with your wedding planner to coordinate so that I have everything at hand on your wedding day and ready to photograph. If your florist is feeling extra, I always love to snag a few blooms to pull the whole look together in a flat lay image.


I will happily answer any questions,

just ask!

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