Do you travel for weddings or portrait shoots?

I’m always up for shooting on location, wherever in the world that may be. I know that these types of events have different needs, and I’m willing to work with you to make sure everything you need coverage for is captured. We can discuss splitting up hours and being strategic in timing to make sure you get the most covered for your needs.

How long before I get my photos back?

I will always have your photos edited and handed over to you in two months or less depending on how busy my season is. I always provide you with a few sneak peeks until I’m finished with my process, just to hold you over!


What’s this I hear about a Golden Hour?

Golden Hour is a favorite of mine! I try to schedule time in at every wedding to step away for 10 to 15 minutes and catch that dreamy, glowy light as the sun sets. This happens about 1 hour prior to sunset and can be timed either during the dinner service while most guests are preoccupied, or just after the toasts take place. No matter the timing, I encourage all of my couples to prioritize this moment as it ends up being everyone’s favorite capture of the day. It’s a great chance to step away from the party, breathe, and reflect on the excitement that has been wrapped up in the whole day.

How will I receive my photos?

I will share all photos with you through a private gallery online, where you have the ability to save, share, and even print right from inside. This makes it easier than ever to grant access to anyone you wish to have viewing and access rights.


I will happily answer any questions,

just ask!

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